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Sms Caster is an amazing sms marketing tool and we are providing you the opportunity to get the latest version of smscaster cracked and registered version in all cities of Pakistan. You can download SMS Caster FREE from our website to give it a try before buying the full registered version of SMSCaster with life time key generator.

Sms Caster is a unique and very useful user-friendly bulk SMS sending software  anyone can use it to give a boost to their business. This SMS Software FREE Download has many useful features you can plan your SMS marketing campaigns according to your requirements. For example if you are marketing multiple products of your business then it will be very easy for you to manage it with SMSCaster as you can create multiple projects of your SMS marketing campaigns. You can also save sms campaign files for future use.

SMSCaster has Compose, Contacts, Outbox & Sent Features which are described in detail below

“Compose” Write or edit text messages easily to create and edit your marketing messages. Long SMS and Flash SMS can also be sent via the registered smscaster version.

“Contacts” Sms Caster has an integrated contact management system that is very practical and you can import all your SMS marketing contacts directly through text files.

“Outbox” – Allows you to check the latest outgoing SMS messages before clicking the Start button.

“Sent” – saves all sent SMS as a reference.

Download SMSCaster FREE

You must be wondering how you can get this amazing marketing tool for SMS marketing of your business right? Don’t worry at all now you can get SMS Caster full cracked and registered version in Pakistan at a very nominal rate you don’t need any huge investment to start your marketing campaign.

Note: All Pakistani Mobile Number data is free with this software!

Download SMS Caster FREE Full Cracked & Registered With Keygen

Good news! For all our users, you can now download free SMS Marketing Software from our website to test the performance of this amazing SMS marketing software. Simply install this free version of Smscaster on your laptop or PC, connect your cellphone with Bluetooth or a data cable and you can send group SMS from your PC.

Most people like to connect their cellphones via Bluetooth, but we recommend using a data cable because it is useful for sending SMS faster and using less battery power at the same time.

Download SMS Caster Standard and Enterprise Edition

There are two versions of Smscaster. One is the Smscaster Standard Edition and the other is Smscaster Enterprise Version. SMS Caster Enterprise Edition supports many phones connected simultaneously. This allows you to send more SMS in a shorter amount of time. The standard version of Smscaster-e-Marketer only supports one phone at a time. The good news is we provide you with a full and cracked version of Smscaster Enterprise so you can easily enjoy and market your products and services.

SMS Caster System Requirements

This software takes very little space on your hard disk as the setup is only of 2 MB and after installation, it will only take around 5 to 6 MB on your hard disk only. Smscaster free download can work on any computer with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 8.1 but it can give you hard time running on windows 10 as it is not compatible with windows 10 according to our test. Different users of windows 10 may have different experiences of running Smscaster on Windows 10.

SMS Caster E Marketer Enterprise Full Version

SMSCaster E-Marketer is an easy-to-use but powerful software for sending SMS. You can send marketing and advertising SMS and receive SMS with replies from your computer.

Unlike other desktop text software, which is based on an Internet SMS gateway SMSCaster Instead, use your existing cellphone, GSM modem or cellphone and connect it to your computer. Connections can be made via USB data cables, serial data cables or Bluetooth COM connections.

With SMSCaster SMS Marketing Software Free Download, you can manage marketing campaigns and send private messages to your target group. Because SMS is fast and cheap, messages such as advertisements, reminders, notifications, special notifications or bills are perfect for sending via SMSCaster E-Marketer.

Bulk SMS Marketing Software Features

A reliable and inexpensive SMS tool to send messages to millions of numbers with one click.

Best for SMS marketing, sending greetings, announcing sales, remembering events, generating referrals, receiving feedback, sending reminders, and for other employees and commercial use.

Our SMS Marketing Software is the fastest and easiest software to use and a powerful program that allows Fast SMS marketing. Entrepreneurs spend money on banner ads / newspaper advertisements / television advertisements. etc. to get some attention, but SMS messaging is the only way to reach your target audience easily with a low budget.

Use SMS Marketing Software for Everything
Notifications, events, reminders and more …

  • Fast, reliable, and affordable tool for sending messages to thousands of numbers with one click.
  • All Pakistani databases for mobile numbers, separated by city and network.
  • Send SMS to active phone numbers.
  • Contact lists and message content can be imported from databases stored on a computer or Excel file format.
  • Send unique or special SMS Add special field values ​​to create a unique SMS for each contact.
  • Supports Long SMS, Flash SMS, Merging SMS and SmS Letters can be sent in various languages.
  • Compatible with USB or Bluetooth GSM based mobile devices.
  • No internet connection is required to send SMS.
  • Step by step complete the training video.
  • Lifetime license and lifetime after-sales support.

Functionalities of SMS Marketing Software

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS

SMS Marketing has the ability to send mass SMS to your customers. Send your messages to groups immediately to get instant response and lead generation of your business.

Target the Market

Target The Market

Marketing is the soul of any business because this is not luxury but a necessity and we fully understand it. Target your relevant market through SMS marketing easily.

Add Your Contacts

Manage and import your contacts, create a personal and professional contact directory, engage your sales audience and contact your customers.

Contact Management

Contact Management

Easy contact management. Import mobile numbers from CSV files, text files, and save time. Add the name, number, address of business on one click.

Send Personalised SMS

Add recipient names and other personal information to each SMS: your name or company name, date of birth, discount code and more. Personalizing SMS is a way to enter personal information for each specific SMS recipient.

You can enter personal information about the user if you want to send group texts. Only the intended recipient sees this information and no one else.

Working Features of Bulk SMS Sender

  • Send SMS or standard notifications according to your needs.
  • The easiest way to load the recipient's phone number.
  • Delivery options for delay when sending SMS.
  • Possibility to skip duplicate number records.
  • No need to pay a fixed monthly fee.
  • Displays and save sent SMS for future reference.

Why Inbox Marketing?

If you’re like most people, you might be wondering why should I buy SMS Sending Software from Inbox Marketing? Although I can give you a long list of reasons, I believe that the best reason is that we care about your success. When we provide solutions that solve your problems and help your company achieve the next level of long-term success, we also help ourselves to become more successful.

SMS marketing software is divided into various categories Inbox Marketing is a pioneer in providing SMS software in Pakistan. We are the leading provider of mass SMS Software in all cities of Pakistan and so many companies and related software distributors are advertising our products all over the world.

Would you like to try the demo?

We provide most reliable SMS Marketing software in most affordable prices with exceptional customer support to our clients.

Software Price: 2000 Rs only
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