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By using SMS Marketing Software Karachi, you can increase sales, increase customer loyalty, and increase conversions. With its reputation for open rates of up to 95% and 89% of consumers who want to use text messaging to communicate with businesses, there is no longer a question of whether you should use SMS marketing software. The question is how.

There are many SMS solutions that your company can use to reach customers. Some text marketing software only contains SMS basics, while others offer several channels for general marketing strategies. Do you feel overwhelmed with possibilities? The following is a list of features that your SMS marketing software should have, including a number of platform recommendations that your company might try for yourself.

Group SMS Broadcasting Software Karachi

Most SMS marketing messages are sent via group broadcasts. This means that instead of sending individual text messages to users, the SMS software can send text messages to many people simultaneously. Bulk transfers are very useful for exchanging coupon codes and promotions, or sending mass notifications like when a retail store or restaurant moves to a new location.

Almost all SMS software companies like SMSCaster V3.6 offer SMS packages with multicast functionality. If you send mobile SMS messages to groups, be sure to group your list before you spread your SMS transmission. Customizing SMS Marketing Software Karachi to specific user groups in your list can lead to higher conversion rates.

Planning and Automation of Bulk SMS Sender Karachi

Sometimes you want to send ad hoc SMS campaigns for sales and events. In other cases, you want to create a “drop campaign”, which is a diet that sends marketing messages at certain intervals. For both strategy, planning and automation are the main features that should be owned by your text marketing software. SMS Software can also be used to promote shared office business.

Custom Text Campaign of SMS Sender

Opening second place in a neighboring city? Are you tidying up your winter gear to make room for spring? You might want to notify potential customers about one-time events, promotions, and company news via SMS. Schedule these ad hoc messages in advance based on your sales and marketing cycle.

SMS Marketing Software Karachi

SMS Campaign SMS Bulk SMS Sending Software

In a drop campaign, SMS marketing must function as a series of automated emails based on triggering or time-consuming actions. Remember the last time you signed up for an email list with retailers. Do they send you a 10% discount on one-week vouchers or similar promotions after you register? If you don’t use the voucher in the first few days, where do you send the reminder email? SMS marketing can work the same way.

With SMS Marketing Software Karachi, you can plan bulk transfers in advance and automate messages to customers based on their actions. The advantage of this is to create a sense of urgency and “sweeten the agreement”.

Compared to ad hoc campaigns, drop campaigns are almost always automated. You can manage and forget, so you have more time to focus on other forms of customer retention. With bone marketing software like SMSCaster FREE Download, you can schedule SMS messages to customers for drop-off campaigns.

Automatic SMS Campaigns with SMSCaster E Marketer

What is your customer’s “birthday”? How was your birthday? There are many cases that allow sending SMS with special offers. When this information is available in your CRM (subscription date, birthday, etc.), you can automatically send text messages. SMS software such as SMSCaster Bulk SMS Sender automates messages for birthdays, anniversaries, and public holidays.

Find The Best SMS marketing software in Pakistan

After you determine how many options you need for marketing your SMS, you can narrow the options for the SMS software. When calculating prices, keep in mind that for some SMS packages there are SMS costs, for other subscription models, e.g. B. “Daily”, “Weekly” or “Monthly”. All SMS software platforms must also be configurable via desktop, tablet or phone.

Need to use an SMS solution that can perform many marketing functions. SMSCaster is a versatile SMS platform that combines the best features of SMS software with additional opportunities for personal interaction. Start a free trial to see how it works.


If you are already involved in SMS marketing, here are some tips and advice on how to maximize your success.

  • Create an SMS marketing team.
  • Start identifying you target SMS market.
  • Write a short message to the main message.
  • Give them a reason to click (call to action link)
  • Your schedule is important.
  • Concentrate on your best customers.


Sending SMS online through SMS Marketing Software Karachi or web applications has become one of the most effective marketing platforms due to 98% open rates, high conversion rates and the ability to stimulate other channels. The ability to send messages to any mobile is very effective!


Short Message Service

SMS stands for Short Message Service and is the most common type of text message. With SMS, you can send messages of up to 160 characters to any mobile device. Sometimes a longer message is usually broken into several messages. MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service. MMS contains picture text.


Mobile SMS marketing campaign:

An important powerful element of digital marketing. Cellular marketing strategies can be based on permissions because users will choose to receive messages. In addition, users often send text messages because they want to send them texts if you are interested in their content. Unlike long emails, text messages are short and relatively rare.


It is important that all channels in the marketing mix work well and SMS is no exception. SMS is a great independent channel, but it can also enhance and support other marketing media such as social media and email. This can help increase open email rates by 20-30%.

Start marketing your own SMS at the lowest price. Use throughout Pakistan. Very easy to use, no data cable needed. This is not a limited version, so you can use it for life.

SMS Software Requirements:

  1. Bluetooth USB dongle.
  2. Bluetooth phone (new Nokia or used with the camera of choice).
  3. Any Windows operating system.

SMS Software Features

  • Send thousands of SMS every day without restrictions.
  • Full 160 characters supported. Only your SMS will be published
  • Use forever, no re-registration is required.
  • Capacity to send 100,000 SMS per day.
  • Supports 1 to 10 phones at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What if it doesn’t work after purchase?

Answer. Your money is 100% safe. We will check, if it does not really function with the specified hardware requirements, your 100% money will be returned. You only pay when the sender of the SMS sends messages.

Q2. Do you also offer support on how to install and configure it?

Answer. Yes, full support is provided when needed. The SMS sender is very easy to use. As soon as the Bluetooth dongle is connected to USB, Windows automatically installs the Bluetooth driver and SMS sender for the application for automatic port detection and then is ready to use.

Q3. Do you also offer instructions for use?

Answer. Yes, video based step by step instructions will be provided for installation and use. Even a child can easily understand how to use SMS Caster.

Q4. Can I buy it with Easypaisa, Jazzcah or online banking?

Answer. Yes, SMS Sending Software can be purchased in any city in Pakistan with EasyPaisa, Jazzcash or through Meezan Bank online banking.

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